Classic and Traditional

Standing the test of time, the clean lines of the traditional look have traveled from Europe to America. This image exemplifies the French Classic style characterized by a double row of Boxwood, clean lines, and well kept tall accents.

Digital Perspectives

With digital graphics you can preview your landscape and outdoor living area before you install. A 3-dimensional model allows for a 360 degree view of what your new outdoor room will look like!

Texas Native Style

Low watering needs, low maintenance, and a variety of colors, textures, and materials allow the Texas Native style to flourish in this great state's water restriction cities.

Unique Pool Design

A pool is not just for tanning and recreation, it is also a a place for entertainment and visual interest. A well planned pool design compliments an existing backyard and relates well to newly designed outdoor living areas.


Landscape design is not just for show, but it is a great opportunity for retreat. The design shown is a small hospital courtyard for friends and family of patients to rest during the course of their visit allowing a much needed time for healing.


Easy Landscape Plan, LLC has created a 100% internet based landscape and outdoor living service that provides plan design to property owners throughout the state of Texas. We give you access to the expertise of talented professionals including licensed irrigators, landscape architects, and graphic designers at affordable prices.

Our process has been tested with over 150 designs in 2013 alone, and our About Us page can tell you how we did it. As our name promises, our process is easy, and we strive to give you a stress free and enjoyable experience while we complete your request.

1. You fill out a complete proposal request.
2. We send you a formalized proposal with any additional questions if needed.
3. Your design is emailed to you for approval.
4. Minor changes are made to the initial design, and your final plan is complete.
5. Further design requests and additional services can be completed at this time.